We are working at the intersection of the team, venue, and fan, to deliver mobile experiences that fans love.

We’ve built a mobile solution that seamlessly integrates transactional and relational touch points while meeting the demand from fans for real-world experiences that engage on a visceral level.

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Team-branded apps that deliver on the promises of big-data.

Customized, intelligent, data-driven mobile apps-as-a-service powered by Tixsee's FanXP Platform. We deliver frictionless user experiences by seamlessly integrating services that traverse across every transactional and relational touch point in the fan journey.


Tixsee's S.I.G.H.T. product (Sensory Immersive Gesture Haptic Ticketing) is a first-to-market single-game ticketing integration with authentic 360-degree seat views. S.I.G.H.T. is natively deployed on team apps and sites and offers fans a memorable, entertaining, and confidence inspiring e-commerce experience, and teams with rich business intelligence and actionable insights. . It’s how we started and where our brand name comes from.


As work and life become increasingly integrated, people are willing to pay a premium for places, products, and services that will give them back their time. Entertainment must support a fan's ultra high-convenience lifestyle by providing them with the utility to make things easier to find and access.


We've implemented the basic fundamentals of a sports application, but we're doing it in better, more gratifying ways. Fans will have real-time access to standings, team and player stats, rosters, scores, schedules, and match-ups. Beyond access and visualization, fans have the ability to personalize and share these experiences.

VR & 360º Video

Video and VR technologies go hand-in-hand with the new reality - the modern sports organization is becoming a multimedia content company. We've integrated standard mobile video playback and support for 360º video. We're developing several innovative use cases for VR that will excite brand sponsors as much as it will your fans. Ask us about it and we'll tell you more.


We've built and implemented deeper integrations that enable in-app purchases of merchandise, apparel, tickets, parking, food & beverage.


Tixsee's platform is full-stack mobile solution include a backend for mobile analytics, content management, data aggregation, and marketing automation for a truly personalized and intelligent mobile solution.


Sensory Immersive Gesture Haptic Ticketing

Finally - a native ticketing experience that exemplifies the sensory appeal of attending a live game. Single-game tickets, immersive 360-degree panoramic imagery, and in-app purchases make the process of buying a ticket easier, more enjoyable, and meaningful while providing teams with aggregated data and insights into e-commerce intelligence events.

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Introducing FanXP

The FanXP app console interfaces with Tixsee’s full-stack mobile backend providing advanced tools for increasing engagement, discovering actionable insights, and the design, delivery, and automation of personalized messaging.

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What people say

  • "Tixsee’s product elevates ticketing technology, and further reinforces our commitment to creating memorable and entertaining experiences for our fans."

    Mark Cuban, Owner - Dallas Mavericks