20 April 2017

Meet-the-MVP’s: Divya Varma

Each quarter we recognize a member of our team who stands out with great work and character that exemplifies our company values.  We're not only doing this to honor an extraordinary individual, but also to share our stories with the world and to bring our teams from both of our offices closer together. We've selected Divya [...]
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13 February 2017

Mobile App Case Study: Dallas Mavericks Mobile Fan Experience

The Dallas Mavericks and Tixsee partner to create and launch an all-new mobile fan experience for the 2016-17 season built by Tixsee and powered by Tixsee’s FanXP mobile platform.

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8 December 2016

Meet-the-MVP’s: Taha Kirmani

Every quarter we will be introducing an MVP from our team who’s habits and character best exemplify our values.  We're not only doing this to honor an extraordinary individual, but also to share our stories with the world and to bring our teams from both of our offices closer together. We selected Taha Kirmani for our first [...]
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6 December 2016


ORIGINAL POST: https://medium.com/@renaissancecm/the-37-hottest-startups-in-dallas-675685849c09#.xbvr173xg The early days of your new venture is an exciting time. Your plan is coming together and your new business is growing fast. You might develop a vitamin D deficiency from lack of exposure to sunlight, with some sleep deprivation and rarely see your friends or family, but an exciting time nonetheless. […]

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6 December 2016


Dallas Mavericks launch all-new mobile apps for 2016-17 season. October 10th, 2016 (DALLAS, TX) The Mavs have launched an all-new app for iPhone and Android for the 2016-2017 season.  Keeping fans top of mind, the new app features innovative enhancements to the ticketing and digital content experience. “We wanted to know what is important to […]

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26 January 2016

Culture: People are Paramount to Product

To produce a truly great product, we must create a culture that attracts the brightest and empowers them to achieve their full potential – their ideas, hard work, creativity, energy, and moments of brilliance that make everything come together in a way that captivates.

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15 December 2015

Dallas Mavs Announce Expansion of Fan Experience Partnership

Tixsee’s innovative and immersive ticket shopping experience to continue on Mavs.com DALLAS, TEXAS – The Dallas Mavericks and Tixsee have announced a 3-year partnership to provide fans with an immersive ticket buying experience. In January of 2015, The Dallas Mavericks partnered with Tixsee to debut an innovative and immersive ticket shopping experience. Since, Tixsee has […]

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8 October 2015

Work with us

Tixsee is fan experience technology company based in Dallas.   Inspired by the common cultural unity of sports, we created Tixsee to build the technologies which will shape how the world’s digitally-native generation discovers, consumes, and engages in authentic experiences. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to be a part of an exciting enterprise technology [...]
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19 August 2015

Ticketmaster Research Proves Millennial Passion for Live Events is Changing The Fan Experience

The Millennial Fan Experience Live events create an experience that often times become some of our fondest memories. Everyone, regardless of age, has that one team or one performer that they follow, track tour dates, memorize team schedules and look forward to the night when they can see all of the action, LIVE. Millennials are […]

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28 July 2015

Tixsee builds a slam-dunk ticket-buying experience for the Dallas Mavericks using Google Maps APIs

Original Post on Google Geo Developers Blog Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Brett Dowling, founder and President of Tixsee, an innovative Fan Experience Management Platform for the sports, entertainment, and venue management industries. Read howTixsee used Google Maps APIs to build a unique ticket-purchasing platform for the Dallas Mavericks. When you go to a […]

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