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The early days of your new venture is an exciting time. Your plan is coming together and your new business is growing fast.

You might develop a vitamin D deficiency from lack of exposure to sunlight, with some sleep deprivation and rarely see your friends or family, but an exciting time nonetheless.

Your small team is building something that clients love and each day brings new and exciting challenges.

Dallas is creating a special entrepreneurial atmosphere and is one of the fastest growing startup hubs in the world.

Traditionally led by large corporations and fortune 500 companies, startup teams are beginning to realize what large corporations have known for decades. Texas is the most business-friendly states in the nation.

The features that make Dallas an amazing place for business include an international airport that is centrally located to get you anywhere quickly, inexpensive real estate, great sports teams, world class restaurants and countless entertainment options. Dallas is on a short list of the best places to create a new business.