People are Paramount to Product


Sports technology is a competitive and rapidly evolving market. Now, more than ever, we’re witnessing some cool things happening in this industry; however, there is presently an abundant opportunity to solve several remaining big problems.

In January 2015, we founded our company and set out to create a great team that builds great products as a solution to said problems with the belief and principle that people are paramount to product.

To produce a truly great product, we must create a culture that attracts the brightest and empowers them to achieve their full potential – their ideas, hard work, creativity, energy, and moments of brilliance that make everything come together in a way that captivates.

After all, behind every great product there are great and passionate people.

Sports teams are the established metaphor for teamwork by business “coaches” all over the world. They say, “hire the heavy hitters” who will “step up to the plate” and “knock it out of the park” because the conventional approach focuses on lifeless elements – x’s and o’s, formal strategies, protocols, systems, traditions, repetition and, much like a sports team, share the single focus to defeat the competition – to win.

But for an organizational team like ours… it’s not.

Instead of a preoccupation with our competition and how to beat them, the predominant values are continuous improvement, agility, and narrative.

This is where I see the most opportunity, because our performance will be judged in our ability to create value for our customers by getting them involved early.

For any startup, an early customer is a big accomplishment. We had the bigger privilege of also having the right customer our first year.

Under the leadership of Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks have been a community and business example that I’ve long admired.

Having grown up in Dallas I attended my first Mavs game at the age of 11, in 1994. It was Jason Kidd’s rookie year. These were the years of the Mavericks struggling to give tickets away to their dreadful performances at the Reunion Arena.

The organization’s turn around following Mark Cuban’s purchase of the team in 2000 was an inspiration. In my opinion, the things Mark did best align with the principles in which Tixsee’s leadership subscribe.

He focused on delighting the customer – producing an energetic, memorable, and exclusive experience at the new American Airlines Center. He equipped the players with the tools and luxuries of champions long before they had a title, and Mark leveraged technology to enhance the entire experience from player performance to in-game entertainment.

The championship followed 11 years later. Like most Mavs fans, we attribute that success to the character of the organization.

As a partner, the Mavs have made it easy for us to stay true to our guiding principles and have added tremendous value to our product development. Their enthusiasm to work with an unknown startup is something that we greatly respect and appreciate.