Every quarter we will be introducing an MVP from our team who’s habits and character best exemplify our values.  We’re not only doing this to honor an extraordinary individual, but also to share our stories with the world and to bring our teams from both of our offices closer together.

We selected Taha Kirmani for our first ever “Meet-the-MVP’s” article because of the extra efforts, dedication, and his personal commitment to excellence that propelled us to an important milestone – the first Android deployment on our platform.



Role at Tixsee?

Software Engineer


Android Development

Where were you born?

Karachi, Pakistan

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Any place where I can find tranquility.

Favorite meal?

Not a foodie, but usually like traditional dishes.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

Film making, so whenever I get time, I make Short Films.  You can find some of the short films I have made, here.

What is your favorite quote?

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

~ African Proverb

What do you consider to be the most important technical innovation during your lifetime?

The smartphone.

What are two fun or interesting facts about yourself we may be surprised to know?

  1. In 2012, I made a short film titled “Respect”. This film inspired Google’s viral “Reunion” ad  about Pakistan-India Friendship.  The idea of Google ad was very much inspired from my film and has since received over 13.5M views on YouTube.
  2. One of my short films titled “Unlocked” won the Best Film Award at the 2013 Cairo Human Rights Film Festival.

How would you describe your ping-pong game?  

Still learning

Why did you decide you wanted to join the Tixsee team?

Prior to joining I had a an opportunity to gain insight into the Mavs application and found it much more interesting than the product I was working on previously.  When I was offered to join Tixsee full-time, I said yes!

Do you read any blogs?  What are two of your favorites?

I don’t regularly follow any particular blogs, but I do look occasionally read TechCrunch.

Describe Tixsee using only three words.

Innovative. Focused. Ambitious.

What do you primarily work on at Tixsee?


Which of your team members have you learned the most from?

Arshad & Usman

Which of your team members make you laugh the most?


What advice would you give a person considering working at Tixsee?

A really great place to work, amazing people and good culture.

What do you hope to work on, build, or experiment with in the future?

I am learning Node.js from Arshad, and Game development from my brother. I hope to build a multiplayer game in the future.

When Iffat (Taha’s peer on Android) was asked which qualities Taha demonstrates when working with the team, she had this to say:

“He is extremely humble and modest,  great listener and lets you finish talking and make your point. He’s open-minded and very considerate of  suggestions from others.  Also a very hard worker – always gets the work done.”

“Taha is extremely humble, modest,  and a great listener.”
– Iffat Hussain

Short Film, “Respect” (Directed by Taha Kirmani)

Google India’s ad, “Reunion”