December 15th, 2015
Contact: Nick Goggans

Mobile Fan Experience

Tixsee unveils new technology for virtual ticketing experience.

DALLAS, TEXAS – Tixsee is a software and fan experience technology company that has developed a seamless integration of a physical environment in the digital world by enabling fans to buy tickets directly from a team through an authentic immersive experience.

Drawing upon the strengths of existing team infrastructure, external integrations and virtual technology, Tixsee has created an application that drives deeper engagement and interaction – creating an experience that exemplifies the sensory appeal of attending a live game while researching and buying tickets.

“We say ‘fan’ because ‘live-entertainment consumer’ is a mouthful,” said Nick Goggans, Tixsee’s Co-founder and CEO. “But, in relation to the teams, what is a fan? Who are they? And which are most valuable? Tixsee’s innovations in fan analytics help teams answer these questions, and together create digital experiences that make buying a ticket enjoyable.”

Tixsee’s platform gives teams the tools to increase ticket and digital asset revenues and help to make data-driven decisions to reinforce the value of attending live games for the respective fan. The current version of Tixsee’s application is not only interactive and visually rich, but reduces the number of steps by 45 percent necessary to purchase a ticket directly from the team.

“Tixsee’s objective is to inspire deeper participation in live entertainment and fundamentally evolve the way people research and purchase online,” said Nick. “Our team’s talents, company culture and great partners, like the Dallas Mavericks, are essential to Tixsee’s pursuit of leading the innovation of fan experience technologies.”

About Tixsee:
Founded in January 2015, Tixsee is a Dallas-based fan experience technology company. Prior to Tixsee’s formation, the founders established three key goals for it’s first year: acquire an early customer, achieve general availability, and do it without investor financing. In the company’s first month, Tixsee deployed a beta of its immersive venue application with the Dallas Mavericks – its early customer.  In December, Tixsee deployed its commercially available immersive ticketing application, below its projected budget, having achieved its three strategic first year goals.

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