Daniel Rowland (COO) and I successfully boarded our flight and we’re comfortably cruising at 30,000 feet on our way from Dallas to the Bay Area for the 2015 Veritix Sports Facilities & Franchises/Ticketing Symposium.   After we finally agreed upon a fair over/under wager for the number of times we’ll hear the words “disrupt” and “Millennial” at the conference this week – we had some conversation about our excitement for the event.   Our conversation was disrupted once the crew activated the in-flight WiFi, and once connected, I stumbled upon a well crafted blog post by Veritix, Three Reasons We’re Excited for the 2015 Veritix Sports Facilities & Franchises Conference”.

Tweet by @Veritix


Good idea – let’s do that!  Here are three things we are looking forward to:

  1. Getting out of the office

Like Veritix, we also approve of the location. Following our 0.9 launch with the Dallas Mavericks in January we’ve been tirelessly working on our July ’15 commercial release. Long days, all-nighters, and weekends at the office (paired with end-of-times-level rainfall in Dallas) has been somewhat of a beat-down. The weather forecast in Santa Clara is all the incentive we needed. But as fans, we’re passionate about the venue experience – there’s obvious excitement about touring the 49’ers and Earthquakes new facilities.  And naturally, some extra time Friday afternoon for our routine poke around Silicon Valley is a plus. If time permits – perhaps we’ll drop by and visit our friends at the Hooli campus.


  1. Making Friends

At the very start of transforming Tixsee from an idea to a business we made the decision to always place an emphasis on the value of partnerships and relationships.   We’ve had an incredible experience working with the Mavs as an early partner.  Their own unique appreciation for relationships has set a new standard for, and further defined, what we hope to achieve through partnerships.   A definition in summary that includes – a mutual respect for each other’s interests, shared goals, collaboration, transparency, fairness, and trust.

Over the next few days we hope to meet and connect with people that subscribe to the same values (and have an interest in what we’ve been up to, with an early peek at 1.0).

We are also looking forward to connecting with our peers in the technology community. The folks at SeatGeek, Veritix, VenueNext, Fanatics, and so many others are doing great things – we hope to meet you!


  1. The Expertise

The all-star speaker faculty is one of the more enticing reasons to attend. We have a strong interest in nearly all of the topics and a tremendous respect and admiration for the represented organizations. Tixsee is a company that is quietly emerging with high-impact solutions. While confident in our capabilities, we are humbled to be in attendance with the biggest contributors to the world’s greatest pastimes.